Seamlessly Integrate Your Podcast with Your WordPress Website

A plugin that allows you to easily connect your account with your WordPress website, embed podcast episodes, show subscribe buttons, and do various other cool things.


Effortlessly integrate your podcast into your WordPress website!

Single Episode Embed Gutenberg Block

If you currently copy and paste the HTML embed code from to your website the Embed block will simplify your life!

After publishing your podcast episode in your dashboard head over to the a post or page on your WordPress website, add the block and select the episode you want to display.

See this in action!

Podcast Subscribe/Listen Links Gutenberg Block

Add the Podcast Links block on your WordPress website to display a simple grid of links to all of the “Distribution” locations you’ve added to your powered podcast.

Make it as easy as 1, 2, 3 for folks who find your podcast on your website to subscribe to your podcast!

Most Recent Episode Embed Gutenberg Block

Add the Latest Episode embed block in your Gutenberg editor and select the podcast you want to display the most recent episode of. Now when you publish a new podcast episode, the new episode’s player will automatically display wherever this block is on your site.

Multiple Episode Embed Gutenberg Block

Add the Multi Episode embed block to display the most recent episode player for a specific podcast as well as its latest 25 episodes (or you can adjust how many episodes display in your show settings on New podcast episodes show up magically as you publish them on

Multi Show Support

Run a podcast network, or have multiple shows?

No problem at all… all blocks allow you to select the podcast/show you want to work with and then the episode/other details based on that.

Display The Episode Description

You’ll soon be able to toggle an option for the single episode embed block and display the episode’s full description.

Display The Episode Transcript

You can now select to display an episode’s transcript (provided one is added to the episode settings in Just toggle the setting on in the single episode embed block and we’ll pull your transcript in and display it!

Would This Be Helpful to You?
Private Podcast User Sync

Would being able to sync users from a WordPress membership platform/plugin to a private podcast on be helpful for you?

  • Adding members when they subscribe
  • Removing members when they unsubscribe

We are considering adding support for this, but will probably hold off unless we hear from you that it would be really helpful… If this is you, Let us know!


All the Bells and Whistles

The only difference between license levels is how many sites the license can be activated on, in other words, all license levels include everything.

Single Episode Embed Block
Most Recent Episode Embed Block
Multiple Episode Embed Block
Podcast Subscribe/Listen Links Block
Multi Show Support
Output Episode Description
Output Episode Transcript

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We get questions from time to time… if you can’t find the answer you need below or in the docs, don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll see if we can get you an answer figured out!


TransistorWP is built specifically to work with podcasts hosted/created with

All of our plans are automatically renewing subscriptions. If you cancel your subscription or it expires from non-payment, your license will be deactivated within 3 days.

If your license deactivates, your embeds will continue to work, but syncing will no longer work.


We detect staging and dev sites and don’t count them as activations against your license.

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A plugin that allows you to easily connect your account with your WordPress website, embed podcast episodes and do various other cool things.