A WordPress plugin that allows you to connect your site to and create your podcast episodes directly from your WordPress powered website.

So… What does TransistorWP do exactly?

Well, to be honest doesn’t exist yet. It is an idea I’ve had for a while. Transistor recently released an api, and that got me thinking a bit more about this.

Create Podcast Episodes

One thing that has been a bit of a frustration for me working with Transistor, is that I have to go publish my podcast episode and then come back to WordPress to publish a “podcast post.” Wouldn’t it be great to be able to do that from WordPress?

Connect a Post to an Episode

What if any time you published a podcast episode it would automatically show up as a blog post (or custom post type post) inside of WordPress. Select what taxonomies you’d like it to have and whether to publish immediately or set as a draft.

Embed a Player

Want to display the Transistor podcast player in your post or page? Just drop a shortcode in, or if you’re using Gutenberg add one via a block. Or maybe you want to display the “show” iframe player. Same concept there.

Private Podcasts

Would you like to connect your WordPress users to a private podcast feed? Sync back and forth as you add users to your WordPress install. Maybe they are course attendees or part of a membership.

Manage Your Show Settings

Update a lot of the details around your podcast. Edit details like your social links, podcast listing services links (Apple, Spotify, etc), podcast artwork, category, keywords, etc.

What Else?

There is a limited set of things we can currently pull and edit from Transistor. How would you like to be able to connect functionality within WordPress and your Transistor podcast?

Sound Interesting?

Let’s start a conversation about what TransistorWP might do for you!